Saturday August 11th, 2018
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Room 1

Optimizing the learning of neuromodulation

Chairman: Igor Brenno Borges (BRA)
Moderator: Osvaldo Vilela Filho (BRA)
Secretary: Marcela Ferreira Cordellini (BRA)

08:00-08:30: Consensus on guidelines for stereotactic neurosurgery for psychiatric disorders – Bart Nuttin (BEL)
08:30-09:00: Neuromodulation for Parkinson’s Disease: experience in Uruguay - Humberto Prinzo (URU)

09:00-09:30: Anatomy of the cerebral structures and Functional Neurosurgery – Murilo Sousa de Meneses (BRA)
09:30-10:00: Spinal Cord Stimulation in the virgin spine – Marc Russo (Australia)
10:00-10:30: Neuromodulation technology and engineering for a better future -  MEDTRONIC (Carlos Soriano Lima); ABBOTT (Bruno Domingues); BOSTON SCIENTIFIC (Brad Oates) 

10:30-11:00: COFFEE BREAK

Room 1

Are you ready for the future?

Chairman: Manoel Jacobsen (BRA)
Moderator: Murilo de Sousa Meneses (BRA)
Secretary: Marcel Simis (BRA)

11:00-11:14: Cellular therapy for movement disorders – state of the art – William Omar Contreras Lopez (COL)
11:15-11:29: The future in Non Invasive Neuromodulation: what’s next? - Marcel Simis (BRA)
11:30-11:44: Deep Brain and Spinal Cord Stimulation for neurodegenerative diseases - Manoel Jacobsen Teixeira (BRA)
11:45-11:59: Neuromodulation and brain machine interface for rehabilitation - Hougelle Simplício Gomes Pereira (BRA)
12:00-12:20: DISCUSSION

Room 2

Neuromodulation for visceral disorders

Chairman: Jairo Espinoza (COL)
Moderator:Carlos Sacomani (BRA)
Secretary: Tiago Freitas (BRA)

08:00-08:19: Anatomy and function of neural structures of pelvic and perineal region. Arthur Ungaretti (BRA)
08:20-08:39: Neuromodulation in the treatment of refractory overactive bladder. Carlos Sacomani (BRA)  

8:40–08:59: Neuromodulation for neurogenic bladder: when. Jairo Espinoza (COL)
09:00–09:19: What are the evidences of Neuromodulation for chronic urinary retention. Ailton Fernandes (BRA)
09:20–09:39: Neuromodulation in coloproctology. Lucia Castro de Oliveira (BRA)
09:40–09:59: Neuromodulation for angina pectoris: state of the art. Kleber Azevedo (BRA)
10:00-10:19: DISCUSSION

10:30-11:00: COFFEE BREAK

Room 2

Contemporary and Future Treatments for Benign and Cancer Pain

Chairman: Alexandre Magno da Costa Marinho (BRA)
Moderator: Gervásio Telles Cardoso de Carvalho (BRA)

Secretary: Bernardo Assunção de Monaco (BRA)

11:00-11:14: Ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve stimulation- Charles Amaral (BRA)
11:15-11:29: Intrathecal Drug Algorithms in the treatment of Cancer Pain - Daniel Benzecry de Almeida (BRA)

11:30-11:44: SCS in the treatment of neuropathic pains directly or indirectly associated with cancer - Robert Levy (USA)
11:45-11:59: DBS of psycho-surgical targets for cancer pain relief - José Roberto Pereira Guimarães (BRA)
12:00-12:20: DISCUSSION


Room 1

12:30-13:00: Closing remarks




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