The first INS Neuromodulation meeting in Latin America

All conferences with simultaneous translation from English to Portuguese


Message from the President



Alexandre C. Amaral, M.D.

President of the event and President
of the Brazilian Society of Neuromodulation.


It is with great pleasure that we invite everyone to participate in the Interim Meeting 2018- Working Toward the Future, which will be held from in August 8 to 11th, 2018, at the Windsor Barra hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is the first time that an International Neuromodulation such as this is hosted throughout Latin America.

The Brazilian Society of Neuromodulation (SBNM), in conjunction with the International Neuromodulation Society (INS) carries out our first official event Interim Meeting 2018-Working Toward the Future, bringing the most important world leaders, acting in research and practice of the most various branches where the neuromodulation is applied.

We have speakers from Latin America, Europe, Asia and the United States, which will lead to discussions about the state of the art in Neuromodulation.

The Scientific Committee is composed of members of the highest national and international relevance, with the ultimate goal of joining colleagues who are either trying to start, already starting or in an advanced level in the use of the methods of neuromodulation.

Focused on promoting Neuromodulation as a weapon capable of improving the quality of life of human beings, we struggled to assemble a large and comprehensive event without forgetting non-invasive neuromodulation techniques.

We look forward to meeting you in Rio de Janeiro, the “Wondeful City”, to carry on a new page in the history of neuromodulation in Latin America.

Be welcome!!


Scientific Committee

President of the Congress: Alexandre C. Amaral

Scientific Committee Coordinator: Daniel Benzecry de Almeida

Alexandre Novicki Francisco    
Arthur Cukiert            
Carlos Sacomani            
Egas Caparelli            
Erich Fonoff 
Hougelle Simplício               
José Osvaldo de Oliveira Jr    
Leandro Braun            
Marcel Simis            
Osvaldo Vilela


International Speakers

Antonio José Gonçalves Ferreira

Kim Burchiel

Robert Gross

Bart Nuttin

Luz Caceres

Robert Levy

Deniz Doruk

Marc Russo

Timothy Deer

Fabian Piedimonte

Maximo Zimerman


Venue and Accomodation
Windsor Barra Hotel and Windsor Oceânico Hotel

The meeting will take place at the convention center at Windsor Barra Hotel.

Our suggested hotels are Windsor Barra and Windsor Oceânico.

Windsor Barra Hotel and Windsor Oceânico Hotel are connected by an air conditioned walkway, making it easier for guests to access the convention areas.

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The International Neuromodulation Society (INS) is a non-profit group of clinicians, scientists and engineers dedicated to the scientific development and awareness of neuromodulation[1] – the alteration of nerve activity through the delivery of electromagnetic stimulation or chemical agents to targeted sites of the body.

Founded in 1989 and based in San Francisco, CA, the INS educates and promotes the field through international meetings, its bimonthly, peer-reviewed journal Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface and chapter websites. Today INS represents a professional association of more than 1700 members worldwide and has a presence in 33 countries around the globe.


INS Brasil

SBNM – Brazilian Society of Neuromodulation is the regional chapter of INS in Brazil.


Scientific Program


Wednesday - Aug 8th
Refresher Courses/Cursos de Atualização


Foco: Descrição das técnicas cirúrgicas e como evitar complicações relacionadas com o procedimento
Professor: Dr. Tiago da Silva Freitas - Neurocirurgião - Brasília - DF
Público-alvo: médicos especialistas e residentes

Número de vagas: 50


08:00-08:20: Implante de eletrodo medular percutâneo - Dr. Charles Oliveira 
08:20-08:40: Implante de sistema de infusão de morfina - Dr. Gilberto Fonseca
08:40-09:00: Discussão e perguntas
09:00-09:20: Implante de eletrodo medular em placa - Dr. Bernardo de Monaco
09:20-09:40: Implante de eletrodo em nervos periféricos por radioscopia - Dr. Tiago Freitas
09:40-10:00: Implante de eletrodo em nervos periféricos com uso de ecografia/ultrassom - Dr. Thiago Nouer 
10:00-10:20: Discussão e perguntas
10:20-10:40: Implante de eletrodo cerebral profunda no tratamento dos distúrbios de movimento: marcação de alvos, análise de imagem pré-operatória e  técnica com micro  registro Dr. Erich Fonoff
10:40-11:00: Implante de eletrodo cerebral profundo no tratamento dos distúrbios de movimento: marcação de alvos, análise de imagem e técnica sem micro registro - Dr. Dr Alexandre Novicki 
11:00-11:20: Discussão e perguntas
11:20-13:00: Intervalo para almoço
13:00-15:00: Workshop prático em sistema virtual de implante de eletrodo medular 

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WORSKHOP TMS e TDCS na prática clínica

Professores: Egas Caparelli - Neurologista - Rio de Janeiro - RJ e Máximo Zimerman - Neurologista - Argentina
Público-alvo: médicos especialistas e residentes
Número de vagas: 12



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Thursday - August 9th, 2018

All conferences with simultaneous translation


Room 1

Theme: Neuromodulation in current practice
Chairman: Edvaldo Cardoso (BRA)

Moderator: Tiago Freitas (BRA)
Secretary: Igor Brenno Campbell Borges (BRA)

08:00-08:30: The importance of neuromodulation and of societies such as INS in controlling pain and reducing the suffering involved - Alexandre de Castro do Amaral (BRA)
08:30-09:00: Reducing risks and complications of interventional pain procedures  - Timothy Deer (USA)
09:00-09:30: Neurorehabilitation intervention with Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation -. Máximo Zimerman (ARG)
10:00-10:30: Neuromodulation for epilepsy: lessons learned  - António Gonçalves-Ferreira (Portugal)

10:30-11:00: COFFEE-BREAK

Theme: Neuromodulation in the control of craniofacial pain
Chairman: Nevair Galini (BRA)

Moderator: Noemí Rosenfeld
Secretary: Soraya Cecilio Aurani Jorge (BRA)

11:00-11:14: Neuromodulation in the treatment of atypical trigeminal neuralgia: is there space for indication of spinal cord, deep brain, ganglion or peripheral nerve stimulation - José Oswaldo de Oliveira Jr. (BRA)
11:15-11:29: Occipital Nerve Stimulation in cluster headache - Robert Levy (USA)
11:30-11:44: Electrical stimulation of the sphenopalatine ganglion for relief of cluster headaches - Alexandre Novick Francisco (BRA)
11:45-11:59: Deep Brain Stimulation in Cluster Headache - Fabian Piedimonte (ARG)
12:00-12:20: DISCUSSION

12:20- 14:00: LUNCH

Room 1

Theme: Neuromodulation in complex regional pain syndrome
Chairman: to be definied
Moderator: Paulo Henrique Pires de Aguiar (BRA)
Secretary: to be definied

14:00-14:14: Clinical picture of complex regional pain syndrome - Sandra Caires Serrano (BRA)
14:15-14:29: HS: Complex regional pain syndrome: differential diagnosis and associated morbidities, especially mental disorders - Dirce Perissinoti (BRA)
14:30-14:44 : Conservative treatment of complex regional pain syndrome - Nilton Lara (BRA)
14:45-14:59: The association of the anesthetic blocks of the sympathetic pathways and the physiotherapy / kinesiotherapy in the complex regional pain syndrome -  Lilian Hennemann-Krause (BRA)
15:00-15:14: Is there room for drug use algorithms, including intrathecal release pumps, in the treatment of complex regional pain syndrome? - Timothy Deer (USA)
15:15-15:29: High frequency, burst and conventional SCS in patients with complex regional pain syndrome - Luz Caceres (Colombia)
15:30-15:50: DISCUSSION

15:50- 16:15: COFFEE- BREAK

Room 1

Theme : Understanding Non-invasive techniques

16:15-16:29: Principles of tDCS - Pedro Schestatsky (BRA)
16:30-16:44: Transcranial electrical estimulation applied to posture control - Taiza Santos-Pontelli (BRA)
16:45-16:59: Use of TMS for brain mapping - Egas Caparelli Dáquer (BRA)
17:00-17:14: Role of neurophysiological biomarkers in Non-invasive Brain Stimulation  - Marcel Simis (BRA)
17:15-17:29: Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) in Non-invasive Brain Stimulation - Egas Caparelli Dáquer (BRA)
17:30-17:44: Non-invasive Brain Stimulation for Cognitive Rehabilitation- Máximo Zimerman (ARG)
17:45-17:59: Non-invasive Brain Stimulation in Neuropediatrics  - Polyana Piza (BRA)
18:00-18:20: DISCUSSION

Room 2

Theme: Neurosurgery for Psychiatric Disorders

Chairmen: Osvaldo Vilela-Filho (BRA) and Rodrigo Labruna (BRA)

Secretary: Rômulo Marques (BRA)

14:00-14:14: DBS for Aggressiveness - Adriana-Lucia Lopez-Rios (Colombia)

14:15-14:29: DBS for Depression - Alessandra Gorgulho (BRA)
14:30-14:44: DBS for OCD - Bart Nuttin (Belgium)
14:45-14:59: DBS for Tourette Syndrome - Osvaldo Vilela-Filho (BRA)
15:00-15:14: DBS for Obesity - Antonio de Salles (BRA)
15:15-15:29: DBS for Drug Addiction - Antonio Gonçalves-Ferreira (POR)
15:30-15:50: DISCUSSION

15:50- 16:15: COFFEE- BREAK

Room 2

Theme: Neuromodulation for Epilepsy

President: Alessandra de Moura Lima

Moderator: Arthur Cukiert

Secretary: Bruno Takeshita


16:15- 16:29: Neuroanatomy applied to neuromodulation for epilepsy- Tatiana von Hertwig Fernandes de Oliveira (BRA)
16:30- 16:44: VNS in refractory epilepsy - Antonio Nogueira de Almeida (BRA)
16:45- 16:59: The basic science behind DBS for epilepsy - José Augusto Burratini (BRA)
17:00- 17:14: Outcome for neuropace system in refractory epilepsy - Robert Gross (USA)
17:15- 17:29: DBS for epilepsy - Arthur Cukiert (BRA)
17:30- 17:44: Newer drugs for an old problem - what´s coming next? - Cristine Mella Cukiert (BRA)
17:45- 18:20: DISCUSSION

Friday - August 10th, 2018

All conferences with simultaneous translation


Room 1

Theme: The challenge of treating patients with movement disorders
Chairman: Marcela Ferreira Cordellini (BRA)
Secretary: Albedy Moreira Bastos (BRA)
Moderator: Wuilker K Campos (BRA)

08:00-08:30: Pearls and pitfalls in baclofen pumps for spasticity in childhood - Beatriz Mantese (ARG)
08:30-09:00: Movimentos anormais - Clinical outcomes of asleep vs awake DBS for PD - Kim Burchiel (USA)
09:00-09:30: Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation For Stroke Recovery - Máximo Zimerman (ARG)
10:00-10:30: Functional Neuromodulation for voiding disorders: indications and long term results - Jairo Espinoza (Colombia)

10:30-11:00: COFFEE-BREAK

Room 1

Theme: Spinal and radicular pain
Chairman: Ledismar José da Silva (BRA)
Moderator: José Oswaldo de Oliveira Jr. (BRA)
Secretary: Pedro Pierro Neto (BRA)

11:00-11:14: The current role of intradiscal interventions from positive discography to the radiofrequency methods - William Contreras Lopez (BRA)
11:15-11:29: Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) for radiculopathic pain in Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) - Leandro Mamede Braun (BRA)
11:30-11:44: SCS for the relief of midline pain in FBSS - Carla Miranda Ceres (BRA)
11:45-11:59: SCS and behavioral induced changes in FBSS - Amir Salomão Gebrin(BRA)
12:00-12:20: DISCUSSION

12:20-14:00: LUNCH

Room 1

Theme:  Non-invasive neuro stimulation as a major tool

14:00-14:14: Non-invasive Brain Stimulation in schizophrenia - Deniz Doruk (USA)
14:15-14:29: Non-invasive Brain Stimulation in depression - Leandro Valiengo (BRA)
14:30-14:44: Non-invasive Brain Stimulation in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Bernardo Sampaio-Júnior (BRA)
14:45-14:59: Non-invasive Brain Stimulation for Chronic Pain - Wolnei Caumo (BRA)
15:00-15:14: Non-invasive Brain Stimulation for Traumatc Brain Injury - Wellingson Paiva (BRA)
15:15-15:29: Non-invasive Brain Stimulation for aphasia after stroke - Marcel Simis (BRA)
15:30-15:50: DISCUSSION

15:50-16:15: COFFEE- BREAK


Room 1

Theme: Neuromodulation for Neuropathic Pain  
Chairman: Tiago Da Silva Freitas (BRA)  
Moderator: Hamilton Ayres Da Silva (BRA)
Secretary: Abel Mitsuo Takey (BRA)

16:15-16:29: Spinal Cord Stimulation for Complex Regional Syndrome: what are the evidences? – Marc Russo (AUS)
16:30-16:44: Clinical considerations and conservative treatment of post-herpetic neuralgia – Elias Atencio Samanego (Panama)
16:45-16:59: The use of opioids in the different phases of herpetic neuralgia (pre, trans and post)
17:00-17:14: Differences between DRGs and SCS and the revisiting of new devices with wireless technology and external electric generator
17:15-17:29: Dorsal root ganglion pulsed radiofrequency for pain relief and its importance in the prognosis of electrical stimulation – Elias Atencio Sanamego (Panama)
17:30-17:44: The role of SCS in relief of post-herpetic neuralgia - Eduardo Carlos Barreto (BRA).
17:45-17:59: Somatic and/or autonomous anesthetic blocks to relieve post-herpetic neuralgia - Alexa Raffaini (BRA)

18:00-18:20: DISCUSSION

Room 2

Theme: Advances in the treatment of patients with neurological deficits
Chairman: Paulo Thadeu Brainer-Lima (BRA)
Secretary: Marcelo Penholate Faria (BRA)
Moderator: Alexandre N. Francisco (BRA)

14:00-14:14: Percutaneous Rizotomy for Spastic Paraparesis
14:15-14:29: Plexular Stimulation for the Treatment of Spasticity in spinal cord injury - Nucelio Lemos (Canada)
14:30-14:44: Indications and Results of Ablative procedures and neuromodulation for Spasticity after encephalic injury - Bernardo Assumpção de Monaco (BRA)
14:45-14:59: Long term results of baclofen pumps for Spasticity after spinal cord injury – Gilberto de Almeida Fonseca Filho (BRA)
15:00-15:14: Thalamotomy as an option for the treatment of refractory tremor – Kim Burchiel (USA)
15:15-15:29: Comparison of lead accuracy and outcome for MRI- vs. MER-guided DBS implantation for PD - Robert Gross (USA)

15:50-16:15: COFFEE-BREAK

Room 2

Theme: Progresses in PD and dystonia
Chairman: Carlos Rocha (BRA)
Secretary: Yuri Mascarenhas de Andrade Souza (BRA)
Moderator: Erich Talamoni Fonoff (BRA)

16:15-16:29: Is there a role for unilateral DBS in the treatment of PD? Alexandre N. Francisco (BRA)
16:30-16:44: Can directional leads improve DBS outcome in PD? - Erich Fonoff (BRA)
16:45-16:59: Optimized temporal pattern of brain stimulation designed by computational evolution - Robert Gross (USA)
17:00-17:14: Ablative surgery in STN for Parkinson’s Disease - Sergio Pampin (ARG)   
17:15-17:29: Neuromodulation for gait disorders in PD - Alexandre Reis (BRA)
17:30-17:44: STN DBS for Dystonia - To be defined
17:45-17:59: DBS for Secondary Distonia - Fabián Piedimonte (ARG)
18:00-18:20: DISCUSSION


Saturday August 11th, 2018

All conferences with simultaneous translation


Room 1

Theme: Neuromodulation for visceral disorders

Chairman: Jairo Espinosa (Uruguay)
Secretary: to be defined
Moderator: Carlos Sacomani(BRA)


08:00-08:19: Neuromodulation in the treatment of refractory overactive bladder - Carlos A. R. Sacomani (BRA)

08:20-08:39: To be defined

08:40-08:59: What are the evidences of Neuromodulation for chronic urinary retention ? Ailton Fernandes(BRA)

09:00-09:20: Neuromodulation in coloproctology - Lucia C. Castro de Oliveira (BRA)

09:20-09:39: Stimulation of vagus nerve for non-epileptic conditions- Alessandra Gorgulho (BRA)

09:40-09:59: To be defined

10:00-10:20: Case discussion of urological neuromodulation -

10:20:10:30: DISCUSSION

10:30-11:00 COFFEE BREAK


Room 1

Theme: Contemporary and future treatments for cancer pain
Chairman: Alexandre Magno Marinho (BRA)
Moderator: Gervásio Telles Cardoso de Carvalho (BRA) 
Secretary: Bernardo de Monaco (BRA)

11:00:11:14 - The non-ablative treatment of cancer pain in the WHO analgesic ladder. - To be defined

11:15:11:29 - Intrathecal Drug Algorithms in the treatment of Cancer Pain - Daniel Benzecry de Almeida (BRA)

11:30:11:44 - SCS in the treatment of neuropathic pains directly or indirectly associated with cancer - Robert Levy (USA)

11:45:11:59 - DBS of psycho-surgical targets for cancer pain relief - José Roberto Guimarães (BRA)

12:00:12:15 - DISCUSSION


Room 2

Theme: Optimizing the learning of neuromodulation

08:00-08:29 - Consensus on guidelines for stereotactic neurosurgery for psychiatric disorders - Bart Nuttin(Belgium)

08:30-09:00 - Neuromodulation for Parkinson’s Disease: Experience in Uruguay - Humbert Prinzo (URU)

09:00-09:30 - Anatomy of the cerebral structures and Functional Neurosurgery - Murilo de Souza Menezes (BRA)

09:30-10:00 - Spinal Cord Stimulation in the Virgin Spine - Marc Russo (AUS)

10:00-10:30 - Rationale of Neuromodulation – avoiding misuse of a good technology

10:30-11:00- COFFEE BREAK

Theme: Are you ready for the future ?

11:00 - Cellular therapy for movement disorders – state of the art - William Omar Contreras Lopez (BRA)

11:15 - The future in Non Invasive Neuromodulation: what’s next? - Marcel Simis (BRA)

11:30 - Deep Brain and Spinal Cord Stimulation for Neurodegenerative Diseases - Manoel Jacobsen (BRA)

11:45 - Neuromodulation and Brain Machine Interface for Rehabilitation- Hougelle Simplicio Gomes Pereira (BRA)



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